I’ve listed below the questions I’m often asked by my clients. If you have one for me that isn’t covered, please do get in touch. 

What experience do you have operating NewTek TriCaster's?
I have passed an exam to become recognised by NewTek as a Certified TriCaster operator and am listed on their global directory.
Over the last 7 years I’ve vision mixed hundreds of events, live broadcasts and corporate videos across a range of different NewTek TriCaster systems. I’m as comfortable working directly with corporate clients as I am on a freelance basis for other production companies.
Can we do the training on our NewTek TriCaster?
I am very happy to travel to a location of your choice and train you and your team on your own TriCaster system.
It’s always helpful to train on your own equipment as we can tweak the setting together to suit your needs and this is ultimately the system you will be using once the training has come to an end.
Do you only offer NewTek TriCaster training?
My main vision mixing experience is with the NewTek TriCaster product range as it’s the platform I’ve used almost daily for the last 7 years. That said, I’ve used a range of other mixers before including Blackmagic, LiveStream HD550’s and VMix software.
The key principles of vision mixing are the same across all platforms and I’m confident that after a bit of swatting up, I would be able to offer training and guidance on a platform of your choice.
Can you teach us how to use virtual studios in the TriCaster?
I specialise in creating videos using virtual studios on the TriCaster and it was how I first started using them 7 years ago.
As part of your training I can show you every stage in the process from setting up the green screen environment right through to loading a virtual studio into the system and using it to create your finished content.
I have a portable green screen studio set up as well as 2 x HD cameras that I can bring to the training to ensure you have every opportunity to practice using the virtual studio facilities in the system.
What are your travel costs within the UK?
I charge 45p per mile and I’m happy to organise my own overnight accommodation if required. I’ve been on the circuit for a while and have spent many a night in Premier Inns and Travelodges all over the country – I’m not precious about where I lay my head! I know budgets are getting squeezed so I always try to keep the accommodation, food and drinks bill below £125 a day.
Is the training you offer endorsed by NewTek?
Although I am a Certified NewTek TriCaster Operator and have attended training sessions at the NewTek HQ in Texas, the training I offer via this site is not officially endorsed by NewTek. It is possible to receive certified training from NewTek and you can find out more by clicking on this hyperlink.
I am not a professional trainer and make a living working as a freelance TriCaster operator and vision mixer in the corporate sector in the UK and Europe.
The training I offer is based on 7 years of experience and knowledge I’ve picked up using different NewTek TriCaster systems in a live production environment.
Can you bring your NewTek TriCaster to us for training?
I own both a NewTek TriCaster XD300 and 460 and can bring either unit to you for your training.
I have a wide range of other equipment including HD cameras, audio equipment and a portable green screen set up.
All of this equipment can be included in your training package and for more information on this, please visit the training programs and prices page of this site or contact me for more information.
Can you help us become a NewTek Certified Operators?
The training I offer will give you a great overview of the NewTek TriCaster platform and the practical skills and confidence that are needed to use it in a live production environment.
It is not designed with the specific intention to pass the Certified Operator Exam, but would certainly help if that is your ultimate goal.
There are a small number of official NewTek testing centres in the UK and I am happy to put you in touch with them should you wish to take the exam after completing the training.
Can we hire you to work for us as a vision mixer on projects?
I spent the majority of my time working as a freelance vision mixer and TriCaster operator for corporate clients and agencies in the UK. I have a separate website that provides a bit more information on the services I offer and you can visit this site at or contact me directly.
Do you do freelance work and training overseas?
I’ve worked on projects in the USA and mainland Europe before and I’m more than happy to travel overseas on projects. If it isn’t cost effective for me to travel with all my kit, I can recommend suppliers in the USA and Europe who hire out TriCasters and other AV kit to help keep the overall budget down.


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